Grocery stores


The world is digitalizing - why not also stores discounted products as well ? We are the only centralized platform in the market to which different retail chains can add its individual discounted products.

Additional sales and liability

A physical store visit is the only way to find discounted store products. By providing advance information online, you allow to acquire new customers and make additional sales with the help of discount products.


The time and effort spent ordering and discounting products will be wasted if the product does not sell. This results in additional waste costs and lost of sales - a proactive approach generates additional sales at best and reduces the cost of unnecessary work.

So how does this work in grocery stores ?

Providing advance information

Discounted products: When products are discounted in a store, they are added to the service via the store ‘s own devices by scanning the product’ s EAN code. Requirements of device are network usability and access to web applications. For products, simply reading the EAN code is sufficient (numbers / dates do not need to be added separately). This allows for smooth augmentation and efficient use.

Bakery and meat counter: These product categories can be added to the service using an image. The store employee takes a picture of the bakery point / meat counter on their own phone, after which it is sent to us either via text message or via Whatsapp. The image automatically goes to our service and the availability information is generated.

What discounted products at my grocery store ?

Once you have added products as a store, the customer will immediately see the availability of the added products in our service.

Visit the store

After customer has viewed the product availability, they can visit the store directly. We want to make it easy and fast for you without additional delivery times or reservations.


In order for us to verify that the products have been found through us, we offer an additional 5% discount on selected discount purchases. The customer orders a QR -code (Discount coupon) through our service, which the cashier reads on the phone we provide before paying for purchases.


All payments go through store’s checkout. Customer shows ordered discount coupon on cashier and pays all his groceries normally.


We will be happy to tell you how we can generate additional sales for your store through our service