Stores discounted products

Saving on grocery shopping has never been easier.

Where can I find in advance store's discounted products ?

At the moment only way is to physically visit the store and there is no tool / platform available to check availability of individual products

With the advance information provided could I save more time and money?

Especially as a student and family how can I save money more efficiently on grocery shopping without delivery times or other slowing factors?

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Advance information

We offer centralized grocery store availability of all the discounted products available - ready to be picked up without delivery.


Plan your grocery shopping more efficiently and make significant savings.

Super Simple

Clear usability and functionality on all network devices.

Discount coupon

In our selected stores you will receive an additional discount of -5% from us.

Our students speak

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We conducted an extensive survey of Haaga-Helia students about store discount products.

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87% of the respondents buy -30%  red labelled products from grocery stores.

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Our Service

Would be willing to try a service that would offer grocery store discounted products in advance online

Circular Economy

Considers it is especially important to reduce food waste.

Food waste

In line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the EU and its member states are committed to halving the amount of food waste per capita at retail and consumer levels by 2030 and reducing food waste in production and supply chains.

The food chain consists of primary production, industry, stores, restaurants and households. In Finland, the food chain generated about 360 million kilograms of food waste in 2021.

Throwing away edible food that was meant to be eaten is particularly harmful considering the energy and resources used to produce, transport and store that food. It is important to buy food only for the purpose and to avoid unnecessary waste.