What do we offer (consumers) ?

Discount availability online

All discounted grocery store products on MyTroa. Easily accessible through our website - without the hassle and searching physically in-store.

free acces

Free service available on the website - no downloads required, app updates, specific phone brand ...

Discount coupon

In the grocery stores of our choice, we offer an additional 5% discount - by showing the Troa QR code at the cashier.

Our Service in 30 seconds

How are the products added on the website?

Whole process starts when the grocery store adds Discounted Products to our service so that you, as a consumer, can see what discounted products are available at the grocery store.

The products can be added with stores own devices. After store has added specific products, they will appear on MyTroa immediately.

What discounted products at my grocery stores ?

Before going grocery shopping, check through MyTroa to see what discounted products are available in your area.

Visit the store

After viewing the product availability, you can visit the store directly. We want to make it easy and fast for you without additional delivery times or reservations.

Discount coupon

Once you have found the products in the store, we offer an additional 5% discount at the checkout. The discount coupon can be obtained from the QR code created via MyTroa.


Before paying for your purchases, show the QR code you just ordered to the cashier and get an additional 5% discount on selected purchases.

Good to know

Finnish food stores use “red tags” which give discount to best before date products. Discounts give on these varies from store to store and chain to chain. 

Red tags are placed and given discount because the product is approaching its “best before date” and cannot be sold afterwards. Result of this products are in worst case thrown away to trash.

HOK-Elanto’s grocery stores (Prisma, S-Market, Alepa) also have a double discount on red tags after 9 pm, in which case, for example, -30% red tags change to -60% at the checkout. In Kesko’s food stores (K-Citymarket, K-Supermarket, K-Market), double discount is not used.

Other discounts available at grocery stores in addition to the red tags, there are usually evening discounts on the bakery point and meat counter before the store closes.

In HOK-Elanto’s Prismas and S-Markets, the evening discount on the meat counter is -50%, which applies to the counter’s hot products and cold salads. The baking point of the chain’s stores (including Alepa) is also discounted in the evenings by -60% for all 24h Grocery Stores.

At Kesko (K-Citymarket, Supermarket, Market), stores are merchant-driven, so discounts and practices can vary greatly. For example, products red tags may also be -50% in some stores, and meat counter warm products may also be reduced by -50% in the evening discount.

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